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"Long Meg and Her Daughters"


T42.jpg (3882 bytes) "Stonehenge by Moonlight"



"The Goblin Tree"



"Dreams and Whispers"


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"The White Wood Path"


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"Buttermere by Moonlight"


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"Glastonbury Tor"


T06.jpg (4224 bytes) "Bethan Igert, Fairest of Greens"


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"Breath of the Bright Fey"


T09.jpg (4165 bytes) "Ash Trees At Long Meg"


T04.jpg (3227 bytes)
"Giants' Dance"


T05.jpg (3568 bytes)
"The Path To Secret Places"


T07.jpg (4234 bytes)
"Whitby Abbey Dusk"


T06.jpg (4224 bytes) "Furness Abbey"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes)
"The Sorceress"


T09.jpg (4165 bytes) "The Enchanted Tree"


T06.jpg (4224 bytes)
"The Arch"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes)
"The Meeting"


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T08.jpg (3353 bytes)

"Windleshaw Chantry"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes)
"In the Clouds"

T07.jpg (4234 bytes) "After the Storm"


"The Hidden Waterfall"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes) "Stealer of Hearts and
Keeper of Dreams"


"Where the Heart Sings"

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